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Between Here and There


After yet another 504 meeting (you know, the kind for “problem” kids), Brianna decides she’s had enough of her high school and its cookie-cutter teachers and students, not to mention her Oprah-worshipping, casserole-concocting mother. Uninvited and without notice, she boards a bus to Idaho Falls, intent to move in with her dad and brother, who have lived there since her parents’ divorce.


After bribing college boy Andy to drive her the last leg of the road trip to her dad's, she discovers a cat has moved into her bedroom and her brother has abandoned their childhood dream. She’s determined to make things work, though, until a precarious incident makes it obvious that she can no longer make excuses for her dad’s choices. Or for her own.


Lost among the changes people have made around her, she is stuck between here with her dad and there with her mom, stuck between who she is now and who she will choose to become.

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